Our ecosystem of smart devices and edge technologies is designed to make grids resilient, participatory, sustainable and future-proof


Metering and grid edge digitalization

Our smart meters allow DSOs to manage electricity demand more effectively and efficiently by providing insight into home and business consumption. They increase customer awareness and enable people to adopt more sustainable habits on energy use.

Smart metering devices

Our portfolio of smart metering devices integrates the most advanced technologies available today and provides our customers with a wide range of flexible, scalable and customizable solutions.

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Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI)

This highly evolved AMI system is the underlying architecture of a digitalized network. It enables a two-way flow of increasingly granular data that allows remote consumption control and forecast, fault and outage detection, remote execution of work orders, reduction of losses and effective cash collection.

Meter Data Management System (MDMS)

Elaborates, consolidates and validates AMI data from smart meters and extracts value through in-depth analytics, consumption histories, and energy balancing. The system also enables data-driven inspection, fraud/loss detection and reconstruction/refund processes.


Network infrastructure digitalization

Our solutions enable the decentralized and fully digitalized management of energy systems. They turn secondary substations into control and data hubs for distribution networks, allowing for improved management, flexibility, resilience, and cybersecurity. Within this framework we also offer engineering services to enable DSOs to reach their full potential.

QEd - Quantum Edge® device

A revolutionary all in one solution: thanks to its virtualization technologies and decentralized computational capability, it integrates key grid functionalities while reducing the number of physical components required in the substations, making networks more efficient, sustainable and reliable.

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Remote control

From basic remote control for HV, MV and LV grids and advanced voltage regulation for MV grids to remote management of networks, automation, and renewable energy integration.


A suite of integrated solutions to enable the network to identify, isolate and self-heal faults, also through boundary reclosure, in an automated mode, improving quality of service. The entire process can be managed remotely.

Grid analytics

Interruption data logging, transient and fault recording, predictive maintenance, and precise fault location and analysis.

System operator

An ecosystem of solutions for flexibility to integrate distributed energy resources, energy storage, statcom and microgrids, empowering DSOs to reliably manage complex energy flows and the interplay between production and consumption, preparing them to operate the networks of the future.

Flexibility Labs

We offer services to test new flexibility solutions at our four Flexibility Labs located in Italy (Milan and Bari) and Spain (Barcelona and Malaga). These facilities can boast resources with highly qualified skills, advanced systems and cutting-edge instrumentation capable of replicating real and complex electricity grid management scenarios.

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Field operations digitalization

Our ecosystem of digital applications uses augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) to operate, monitor and manage the network, optimize workflows and train field workers. Our advanced technology devices give operators the tools they need to maintain and repair the grid.

Field devices

Our tools for operational excellence: the ARGO LV fault detector, the Bluetooth Infra-Red Device (BIRD) and the Unified Radio Frequency Probe (SuRF). 

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Enhanced workforce

Our Work Force Management (WFM) set of apps uses AR to operate, maintain and repair the grid.

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People safety

We offer a portfolio of VR field worker training scenarios coupled with VERA, a dedicated platform to manage and use them.

Digital Asset and Vegetation Intelligence

The new frontier in data-driven network management: a digital model created through AI and drone scan data that replicates the entire network as well as its individual components and its operations.

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Telecommunications network solutions

We design and deliver turnkey solutions for reliable, secure and effective communication infrastructure among distributed systems and devices to enable all relevant use cases for DSOs. We manage a variety of communication technologies that cover IT and OT protocol requirements, leveraging our expertise and an active ecosystem of partnerships with networking equipment market leaders.

Cybersecurity by design

Security is at the basis of all our technology: every single component of our products and devices is designed to be safe for the duration of its life, and its cybersecurity features are enhanced by its integration with our end-to-end solutions. We design products and services to improve the cybersecurity of DSO infrastructure, adopting an in-depth defense approach according to industry best practices and international standards.

Solution success stories

How Gridspertise solutions help DSOs digitalize their grids for maximum efficiency, security and resilience

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