Grid Automation Management

The universal module for MV automation

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Managing faults in order to increase reliability

The increased stress on the grid related to increasing electricity use and adverse weather events such as strong gusts of wind and lightning strikes may cause temporary disruptions in the grid. 

In addition, unpredictable accidents, inadequate maintenance, and extreme temperatures (both high and low) can threat grid stability. Detecting and isolating faults manually, and service restoration processes are not only time-consuming but can also result in prolonged power outages and increased operational costs.

Furthermore, many legacy Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems may lack the advanced capabilities needed for efficient fault management and self-healing automation.



A universal module for any legacy SCADA

To address these challenges, a comprehensive solution is required. 

Gridspertise presents its universal module for MV automation. Smoothly integrating with any existing SCADA infrastructure, it enhances any legacy system capabilities with advanced fault location, isolation and service restoration (FLISR) functionalities. It can provide either slow or fast self-healing automation, reaching a response time within with a recovery time ranging from 3 minutes to less than one second.

This typically involves the integration of modern technologies and practices, including:

SAIDI Reduction

By automating fault detection, isolation, and restoration processes, Grid Automation Management significantly reduces System Average Interruption Duration Index (SAIDI). This leads to improve grid reliability and customer satisfaction. 

User-Friendly Configuration

The solution boosts a user-friendly interface that simplifies system configuration and operation. With intuitive tools and comprehensive documentation, users can easily adapt and customize the automation settings to meet their specific requirements.

Reduction of MV Equipment Wear-Out

Through optimized fault detection and load management, it minimizes stress on medium voltage equipment, thus extending its lifespan and reducing maintenance costs.

Proven Track Record

This software solution has been rigorously tested and successfully implemented by Enel Group as DSO since 2010. Their extensive real-world experience validates the effectiveness and reliability of the solution.


Enabling Self-Healing Automation

By integrating these technologies and practices, grid operators can significantly improve fault management, reduce downtime, enhance grid reliability, and ultimately provide a more resilient and efficient electrical grid. These efforts align with the broader goals of improving grid reliability and customer satisfaction. This avoids financial losses and operational disruptions with uninterrupted power supply in order to maintain customer satisfaction.

Our grid automation management solution can provide a number of benefits:

- It can work with any legacy SCADA, enabling system improvements by leveraging on existing investment without costly replacements and avoiding migration;
- It is adaptable, so it can be used on different kinds of MV networks;
- It is scalable from basic sets of instructions such as fault selection, as far as Self-Healing Automation.

Enhanced Grid Reliability

By leveraging on its FLISR capabilities, operators achieve faster fault detectior isolation, and service restoration, minimizing downtime and improving overall grid reliability. This leads to enhanced customer satisfaction and increased trust.

Future-Ready Grid Automation

With its scalable architecture, utilities can adapt and expand their automation capabilities over time. From basic fault selection instructions to advanced Self-Healing Automation (SHA), GAM ensures utilities are future-ready and can meet evolving grid automation needs.

Improved Regulatory Compliance

The ability to reduce SAIDI aligns with regulatory requirements and performance targets. Utilities can meet or exceed regulatory standards, avoiding penalties and maintaining a positive reputation.

Reduced Operational Costs

Proactive fault management and automation capabilities help reduce operational costs associated with prolonged outages, manual interventions, and unnecessary maintenance.


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