The partner of choice for DSOs worldwide

The partner of choice for DSOs worldwide

We accelerate the digital transformation of electricity distribution networks worldwide to deliver a new era of sustainable and reliable smart grids through innovative, flexible and customer-driven solutions that are circular by design.

Reliable smart grids are key enablers of the transition to a decarbonized world. They allow for the large-scale uptake of renewable and distributed generation, such as industrial and residential photovoltaic power systems, and for the electrification of end uses.

We partner with DSOs all over the world to help them advance their power distribution networks, delivering integrated, cutting edge and sustainable smart grid solutions to make energy infrastructure fit to meet the evolving needs of grid users and electricity end customers. Our solutions provide benefits for the entire electric ecosystem:

For DSOs They increase service quality, reduce operating costs, optimize investments in new infrastructure and enhance safety, productivity and sustainability of field operations. 

For grid users They provide a platform to integrate distributed energy resources and facilitate the development of the energy service market, including flexibility and electrification of end uses. 

For end customers They increase the reliability of the electricity supply, facilitate electrification, foster energy efficiency and make it easier for end customers to become prosumers by taking part in energy markets.


Trusted partner for the digitalization of electricity networks

We are a subsidiary of the Enel Group, the world’s leading privately owned distribution grid operator. Our DNA combines the agility of a startup with a distinctive expertise in the world of smart grids.

We leverage this powerful legacy in operating distribution networks around the globe, testing new technologies in a variety of contexts and rolling out effective solutions anywhere in the world. Our products and services rely on the same technologies that the Enel Group has been adopting on a large scale for over 20 years, and which have made it a world leader in advanced digital metering with more than 44 million active smart meters, over 2.2 million kilometers of electricity transmission and distribution grids, and hundreds of thousands of remote control points serving its 74 million customers.


At Gridspertise, we are uniquely positioned to understand DSO requirements in different regions around the world. We have strong roots in Europe and Latin America, but our operations target North America and the Asia-Pacific region, as well as any other locations where our expertise might be needed. Thanks to our global footprint, we have a proven capability to serve developing as well as developed countries and to manage infrastructure in different operational contexts, from rural areas to megacities. Our customer-driven approach is based on a global perspective on a constantly evolving market, coupled with an in-depth knowledge of the challenges that DSOs face in enhancing the experience of grid users and electricity end customers.

We are more than a traditional supplier: we are a trusted partner, providing experience and advice to guide your investment decisions thanks to our unique understanding of your needs and our in-depth knowledge of local regulations, technical norms and requirements in different parts of the world. 

Our portfolio of cutting edge and modular solutions is designed to create value and can be tailored to existing or emerging needs, regardless of your size or geographic location. This is also thanks to our network of advanced research labs and partnerships for sustainable innovation: we work with world class technological partners, startups and innovators to constantly improve and expand our products and services for the benefit of DSOs, grid users and end customers. As well, we are a fast and agile player with a decentralized global organization and fully digital processes, capable of delivering anywhere in the world.

We are an accelerator of the energy transition

As an accelerator of the transition to clean and renewable energy we strive to deliver integrated solutions that are sustainable by design. All our technologies are intended to help DSOs reduce their carbon footprint and achieve a net zero future, while boosting the achievement of the UN SDGs.


Delivering smart grids worldwide

What we do

Field-tested, sustainable, flexible

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