Integrated Policy for Quality, Occupational Health and Safety, Environment and Anti-bribery and Information Security

Gridspertise S.r.l. is an Enel Group company operating in the field of research, development, manufacturing and subsequent marketing, including technical support, of equipment and technological solutions for the remote management of electricity meters, for the advanced network automation and other applications of interest of electricity distribution including, by way of example, support technologies for field operations and IoT (Internet of Things) systems for the management and analysis of electrical data. Gridspertise S.r.l. adopts innovative methodologies that give a connotation of sustainability in relation to the activities carried out and the equipment marketed, which are designed and manufactured using the most modern techniques of circular economy in order to minimize environmental impacts and ensuring the security of information.

Through this policy, spread to the entire organization and its stakeholders, Gridspertise S.r.l. is committed to increase customer satisfaction, guarantee the health and safety at work of all people involved or influenced by its activities by providing safe, healthy and sustainable working conditions and suitable tools, protect the environment and biodiversity, as well as prevent and fight any type of corruption in accordance with the “Code of Ethics”, the “Zero tolerance plan for corruption” and the guidelines of the Enel Group, it also committed to adopt the best technologies to guarantee information security.

With the implementation of an Integrated Management System, compliant with the international standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001, ISO 37001 and ISO 45001 and based on the principle of continuous improvement, Gridspertise S.r.l. manages risk in a systemic view towards its customers and stakeholders ensuring full compliance with applicable standards, laws and other relevant requirements.

In line with the above principles, Gridspertise S.r.l. undertakes to:

  • Pay constant attention to customers, with a spirit of long-term partnership, and to anyone involved in the relevant activities, ensuring compliance with high standards of quality and information security;
  • Select and monitor suppliers, regularly verifying their performance in order to guarantee the expected quality levels and aligning their operating standards of health, safety, environment, ethics and information security with those of Enel Group;
  • Protect the environment by preventing pollution and reducing environmental impacts through the pplication of available technologies and the adoption of the of circular economy concept.
  • Ensure sustainability in business development, promoting the involvement of employees, customers and all involved parties with the purpose of generating shared value for communities, future generations and for the Enel Group, respecting security standards;
  • Constantly assess the health and safety and environment by adopting a systematic approach to eliminate the dangers or, when this is not possible, to minimize the risks with the aim of achieving the goal of “zero accidents”;
  • Safeguard the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of managed information by applying a risk-based approach in line with both business objectives and regulatory requirements;
  • Increase the awareness and training of its employees, including the scope of information security, facilitating their information and participation, and promoting the adoption of the continuous improvement principle;
  • Prohibit and strive to prevent any conduct that could be classified as corruption or attempted corruption;
  • Encourage the reporting of suspected corruption conducts and practices, providing employees with the tools to communicate behaviors not in line with the policies and protecting the whistleblowers from any corporate retaliation, and any behavior that does not comply with the corruption prevention policy also through the application of the corporate sanction system.


Based on its Integrated Management System, fundamental tool for the involvement of personnel and the continuous improvement of its business activities, Gridspertise Srl identifies the Anti-bribery Compliance Committee for the prevention of corruption, which is guaranteed full authority and independence, and ensures the availability of information and resources necessary to achieve the objectives of its System, committing itself also to periodically review the principles of this policy in line with the strategic objectives and guidelines of the Enel Group.

Integrated Policy for Quality, Occupational Health and Safety, Environment and Anti-bribery and Information Security

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Politica integrata della Qualità, Salute e Sicurezza sul Lavoro, Ambiente e Prevenzione della Corruzione e della Sicurezza delle Informazioni

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