Smart Meter Portfolio

The first step towards grid digitalization that revolutionizes the way we use electricity

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Our Smart Meters allow DSO's to:

- effectively manage electricity demand through real-time data monitoring, enabling grid reliability;

- increase customer awareness on energy consumption, allowing more sustainable habits.

This is why we work on developing future proof, cutting edge solutions, customized according to specific customer needs.

Our smart meters are compliant to international protocols and standards that allow us to be flexible in responding to both regulatory and technologic requirements.

2nd Generation Meters

A wide range of solutions aimed to digitalize readings of electricity consumption, providing benefits on billing and operations.

These devices are not simply designed to “measure” electricity supply and consumption data: they also act as evolved sensors that provide valuable information regarding the operation and status of the network, thereby increasing the quality, reliability and resiliency of the grid.

Modular Meter

Technology standards are changing rapidly and the market is highly fragmented. Moreover, not all technologies perform evenly under different circumstances and keeping pace with the evolving technology is a challenge to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage.

The Modular Meter enables the exchange or adoption of several communications technologies depending on the customer needs and location allowing DSOs to change communication technology over the time being fully interoperable with existing implementations and enabling scalability for massive roll-outs.

Compliant with the DLMS international standard and thanks to its in-field modularity with different communication protocols (G3 Hybrid – PLC + RF Mesh, Cellular LTE and NBIoT). 

G3-Hybrid is adaptative to the interference level to assure the best possible reachabilityand availability in urban and rural environments while Cellular technologies can work in most of the territory creating a flexible solution.”

Edge Intelligence Meter

Power Grid Operators are facing new challenges in order to optimize grid operation and resilience, and are pushing customers to engage with an active role in the energy market and encourage the penetration of distributed renewable energy resources (DER). For this reason meters are turning into sophisticated edge-based computing devices providing near real-time, relevant and actionable insights to customers and grid operators.

Edge Intelligence Meters are the core of this innovation, since data management is performed both in cloud and at the edge, closer to the source, enabling near-real time response. These edge-computing devices also allow the reduction of data leakage, using and sharing only essential information. Moreover, these meters help lower costs and enhance grid resilience thanks
to low latency and a faster response to grid oscillations, blackouts or limited power supply.


Our tools for operational excellence are designed to improve the AMI management.

They are ready to perform all sets of installation, management and troubleshooting operations required by any DSO.

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