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ARGO is a portable device that detects faults and anomalies and monitors LV networks. It is a dedicated troubleshooting instrument that enables speedy, effective interventions and improved quality of service.

ARGO can be installed on secondary substation feeders to check current load profiles, phase load imbalances and current peaks, and to analyze the causes of line switch openings (e.g., overloads or short circuits).

Its small size makes it easy to install at all LV network points and in all types of street cabinets. It is managed by an app that collects data on faults, carries out LV current analyses and comparisons, and monitors current curves for load analysis at any point on the network.


BIRD is our answer to a need that emerged in the field: how to connect an optical probe to a smartphone? BIRD is an optical to 2.4GHz radio communication bridge that eliminates the need to stay in close proximity to the network device, allowing for increased safety.


  • Small, lightweight, rugged (rubber shell available)
  • Internal rechargeable battery through micro USB
  • Connection with a smartphone
  • Internal RFID reader (predisposition)


An integrated, all in one multi-function tool for troubleshooting in the field. SuRF can perform massive collections of readings and massive execution of remotely managed jobs. It also measures energy flow, identifies LV lines, performs 169MHz RF communications analysis, and measures impedance and noise on the LV network. SuRF can replace and minimize field worker equipment, ensuring greater efficiency and safety.


  • Three-phase voltage and current measurement with power quality​
  •  PLC band A & band C, RF 169MHz, 2.4GHz radio communication, integrated 3G/4G module
  • ​High performance microprocessor for edge computing​
  • Compact design, portable​
  • Rechargeable battery, accessible for maintenance​
  • Operating networks: 3x230/400, 3x127/220, 50/60 Hz​


  • Performance analysis of PLC and RF communications in the field​
  • Verify the accessibility of RF169 MHz antennas installed in secondary substation​s
  • Massive reading collection​
  • Functional check of meters, concentrators and all field devices (QED, RGDM etc.)​
  • Metrological checks​
  • Current pulse generator for LV phase identification​
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