Metering and grid edge digitalization


Network stability & operational efficiency, revenue protection, customer engagement

The first generation of smart meters aimed to digitalize readings of electricity consumption, providing benefits on billing and operations and supporting grid operators reducing technical and commercial losses.

Today, smart meters must evolve into intelligent sensors to tackle the increasing complexity of the grid, increase customer awareness on their consumption and encourage the penetration of distributed energy resources (DER).

An Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) can help stabilize the grid with granular information on consumption, allowing real-time measurement and detection during critical events, such as blackouts. It can also improve billing efficiencies, while supporting the introduction of customized tariffs and the integration of distributed renewable energy, empowering final customer to have an active role in the energy market.


Reliable, innovative, interoperable and interactive smart meters

We offer the most reliable, advanced and interactive metering technologies to optimize efficiency on distribution grids and increase customer engagement worldwide. 

All our solutions are based on high cybersecurity standards compliant to Suite 1 and Suite 2 DLMS. 

We offer multiple communication protocols including Meters & More PLC protocol and RF@l69MHz, as well as G3 PLC hybrid technology combined with RF Mesh @863-925M Hz, and also on cellular technology working on diverse frequency bands (LTE-M, NB-loT) network. 

Gridspertise is expanding its portfolio of smart meters with edge computing capabilities and an open ecosystem involving also to third party developers, to communicate in on effective and flexible way with all stakeholders, from end-customers, to grid operators.


Smart Meter Portfolio

Smart Meter Portfolio

Gridspertise Suite


Meter as a Service


Customer awareness, grid reliability and sustainability

Our AMI Ecosystem is an example of innovation and sustainability. It is open, easy to integrate with legacy systems, combining grid intelligent devices with ready-to-use modular applications, by boosting AMI operations we are able to benefit DSOs with network stability, operational efficiency as well as revenue protection, and clients by engaging them in a new customer experience.

Benefits for Clients

The next generation smart meter enables users to have a detailed knowledge about their consumption rates allowing clients to take on a more active role, leading to a more informed, and therefore more efficient, management of their energy consumption. Furthermore, real-time consumption oversight eases the billing procedure, reducing estimates and periodical settlement bills.

For prosumers, smart meters offer the possibility to access consumption history data, as well as the amount of energy produced, in a simple, detailed and immediate way.

Benefits for DSOs

Second-generation smart meter’s advanced functionalities improve the quality of service. For example, real-time communication of possible energy interruptions enables timely intervention, thereby minimizing their duration.

From a commercial point of view, smart meters enable new client acquisition by reducing the down time related to changing the energy provider and closing invoices, as these will be based on measured energy usage, and not on estimates.

Environmental benefits

Smart Meters are a key enabler for environmental sustainability because they provide a more complete integration of renewables in the electric system and incentivize a more informed management of consumption rates increasing energy efficiency, lowering waste rates as well as greenhouse gas emissions. 

The new smart meters are produced following circular economy principles.


Strategic for the energy transition and grid digitalization

Smart meters are pivotal for the future of power grids. They are the drivers of the energy transition and the communication link between the DSOs and end-customers.


Success Stories

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