QEd - Quantum Edge® device

A leap forward in the digitalization of distribution networks


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Future proof grid resilience and flexibility

Today more than ever, severe weather events caused by changes in climate patterns are posing increasing challenges in terms of the resilience of the electric grid.

Distribution system operators all over the world need to ensure the quality of service and grid stability, preparing for changing conditions and recovering rapidly from disruptions.

Generation from distributed energy resources (DERs) is rising exponentially, with the increasing adoption of rooftop solar and behind the meter energy storage.

This, combined with the growing energy demand associated with the electrification of transportation and other final uses, results in higher complexity of power flows as well as the interplay between production and consumption, which require for more intelligence at the edge and more adaptability to a dynamic grid.

To manage this complexity and be at the same pace with the innovation, it is essential to have new functionalities without adding new devices.


All the intelligence you need in a single edge device

Meet the QEd - Quantum Edge® device, Gridspertise’s response to all these challenges.

Thanks to its decentralized computational capability and edge multi-purpose platform, this revolutionary all-in-one solution enables DSOs to run key grid functionalities directly on the edge. In a context in which utilities’ needs increase day by day, the edge provides a simple way to virtualize business services.

QEd allows to reduce the number of equipment in the secondary substation, thanks to the possibility to virtualize key network automation functions through customizable applications.

A modular ecosystem of applications

Discover some of the main functionalities enabled by QEd Apps:

Metering and basic monitoring of LV grid

Including functionalities such as data concentrator, metering data management, load profiling, power quality, asset health and performance monitoring, loss minimization.

Advanced monitoring of LV grid

Enriched performance monitoring of assets through IoT sensors, full monitoring of low voltage feeders.

Remote control of LV/MV grid

Remote commands to control the MV and LV networks and the system performance on the edge, allowing a constant update of the topology integrity and the recording of logs, events and measures.

Automation and real-time self-healing of LV/MV grid

Protection and control, automated real-time fault detection and service restoration.  

Observability of Distributed Energy Resources

Real-time monitoring of distributed generation

Distributed flexibility management

Real time analysis of power flows and prediction of surges for more efficient energy delivery

DER Gateway

QED can execute key functionalities for an advanced DER management thanks to its Edge-computing capabilities.

Power Quality

Ensure power quality optimization in compliance with the current regulatory framework.

…and more


The future of your grids starts now

QEd is a future-proof solution. Not only it is retrofit compatible with existing assets, but its architecture is designed to progressively enable new innovative applications over time, even beyond grid automation, including those we haven’t thought of yet.

Scalable by design
QEd tackles the needs of DSOs with different levels of digital readiness.

If you are taking your first steps to stabilize the grid starting from meter data management and remote control of the network, QEd can help you accelerate your full digitalization, from measurement to full automation with an all-in-one device, optimizing time, operating expenses, and capital investments.

If you have already started the transformation of your grids and you need to enhance your performance of automation, QEd enables easy upgrades of new edge functionalities, helping you enhance your SAIDI and SAIFI performance indicators.

At the same time, if you have already deployed advanced automation, QEd prepares you to operate the networks of the future, making your grids ready for the introduction of flexible assets and the management of new services.

Open platform
The QEd leverages on an open platform, which allows the customer to use the applications that the solution provides from the first installation, to purchase new applications over time, as well as develop new and customized applications based on future needs.

The power of the edge
Thanks to its distributed computing power, QEd processes data with lower latency directly in your secondary substation, extending the capabilities of the centralized cloud platform, while enabling new use cases that were previously impossible.

The device supports the most advanced connectivity standards, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Ethernet, 5G as well as fiber optic, to balance powerful processing with power efficiency for maximum sustainability.

Extreme performance
The QEd was developed based on stringent industrial requirements, including the strongest cyber-security standards, an extended temperature range (-25 °C to +75 °C), enabling the device to be deployed globally and a long-life cycle (>10 years), future-proofing the solution for utilities.

Conceived with sustainability at its heart
QEd was born to accelerate the energy transition, providing a new tool for DSOs to optimize distributed flexibility management.

With its virtualization capabilities, QEd also enables to reduce the substation’s carbon footprint, cutting down the number of devices required, internal wirings, power consumption and reducing field interventions, with benefits in terms of logistics optimization and safety.

The solution also embraces circular economy principles, with the adoption of recyclable materials for the external casing and for its packaging.

A powerful partnership
At Gridspertise, we collaborate with leading players from different industries to deliver the most advanced solutions in the market for the digitalization of the grids.

This is why we joined forces with Qualcomm Technologies, bringing together our intellectual property with their leadership in wireless technology, integrating QEd with the most up to date, secure, scalable industrial-grade IoT solutions.

Co-Creation Program

Creating together the future of grids

Gridspertise has launched a Co-Creation Program to collaborate with pioneering DSO customers, test the solution and leverage market insights to develop new applications and enrich its functionalities.

QEd will demonstrate and pave the way for introducing pervasive connectivity and compute at the edge for critical grid applications. Its platform will facilitate the introduction of new applications at the grid edge and in the cloud. It will help expand the developer ecosystem to accelerate the deployment of solutions that keep pace with the changing mix of new supply and demand resources.

Are you a DSO, an App developer or a Hardware manufacturer interested in our co-creation program? Join us

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