Our first time in the African energy market

We were a Platinum Sponsor at Enlit Africa


From the 7th to the 9th of June 2022, we took part for the first time at Enlit Africa, the continent’s premier event for the entire power, energy, and water value chain. It was a great opportunity to introduce ourselves as an established, trusted, and reliable partner for African utilities.

Macro-economic trends including dynamic economic and population growth, rapid urbanization, and an expanding middle class with changing lifestyles, all suggest that Africa can achieve long-term economic and social development. Furthermore, it has a vast amount of renewable energy resources.


A challenging scenario for electrification

And yet, despite this favorable context, the lack of universal access to energy is still a crucial challenge. Over 600 million people, who are mostly located in rural sub-Saharan Africa, still do not have access to reliable and affordable energy. This is reflected by an electrification rate of just 40% – the world’s lowest. 

The huge amount of renewable energy resources available in the continent presents a unique opportunity to provide reliable and affordable access to electricity, while leapfrogging towards sustainable energy systems.

But, at Gridspertise we believe that this challenge requires an integrated electrification strategy, scaling up investments not only to install new renewable capacity but also to adapt and expand grid infrastructures.

In fact, African transmission and distribution networks require significant upgrades: on one side, they need to keep pace with the forecasted growth of population and demand for electricity in the continent while, on the other side, they need to guarantee a reliable service – which today is very unstable and with high losses (up to 29%).

Moreover, low customer satisfaction, together with socioeconomic and governance factors, is giving rise to energy theft and credit risk, reducing revenues for utilities. All this implies that investments in grid extensions and connections are difficult to sustain financially resulting, then, in an infrastructure which is aging or inadequate, due to a general lack of repair and maintenance. These are all areas where we can make a difference.

What is our greatest added value?

We believe we can accelerate the transformation of African utilities by being a trusted partner, helping them render their grids smart, sustainable, and reliable. Our aim is to address the challenges of revenue protection, power reliability improvement, maintenance efficiency and fast response and restoration with our cutting-edge solutions. These include:

- Revenue protection: our ecosystem of smart meters, field devices, as well as HES and MDM systems, can support utilities in managing electricity demand more effectively and efficiently, and in reducing technical and non-technical losses.

- Power reliability improvement: our Grid Automation Management solution can resolve power interruptions and outages, by enabling an advanced fault location to identify such interruptions, thereby improving grid reliability.

- Maintenance efficiency:  our Network Digital Twin® suite enables the prompt identification of vegetation and other elements that can interfere with distribution networks, thereby guaranteeing reliable and continuous power and optimization of maintenance costs. Our tool enables the prevention of power outages and streamlines maintenance activities through targeted interventions.

- Fast response and restoration: our digital Enhanced Workforce ecosystem of applications enables prompt and safe intervention in the case of power outages, safe training for field workers through virtual and augmented reality and streamlined field operations.

Our presence at Enlit Africa is firmly in line with our business objectives. We can help provide reliable and affordable access to electricity, while moving toward sustainable energy systems.

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