Smart metering devices

The first step in the extraordinary process of grid digitalization, which will revolutionize the way we use electricity


Designed by DSOs for DSOs

Our smart meters are among the most advanced in the world. Packed with innovative features, they can help you take your grid to the next level.


Multiple functionalities


01 - Bi-directional energy measurement

Allows for the measurement of energy exchanged at the point of connection on LV networks, enabling all energy supply services for end customers, prosumers and producers.

02 - Multiple communication channels

Makes DSOs’ smart metering and control systems more high-performing and resilient, optimizing remote operations and providing highly granular metering data.

03 - Multi tariff management

Allows for energy measurements based on increasingly complex and personalized tariff structures, enabling advanced energy and ancillary services, e.g. those linked to distributed generation, e-mobility and flexibility.

04 - Load profile management 

Advanced metering data management functionalities thanks to high data granularity and increased acquisition rates. Allows for the extraction of maximum value from data for the benefit of DSOs, customers and all the operators of the electricity market (e.g. evolved customer profiling, advanced network calculations, customized tariff offerings).

05 - Permanent overvoltage protection

Protects the customer’s installation from damage when a permanent overvoltage is detected from the LV network, reducing claims and costs.

06 - Revenue & fraud detection

Protects DSO revenues and promptly identifies frauds. The smart meter can detect several fraud attempts and send them to the central system in order to activate countermeasures.

07 - Home automation and active DR support

Sends information in near real time to the end customer through a dedicated communication channel. Enables greater awareness and energy efficiency, home automation and Demand Response services.

08 - Pre-payment management

Energy supply management based on a pre-payment approach. Energy delivered reduces energy credits available to the customer.

09 -  Power quality measurement (QoS)

Leveraging meters as grid sensors, allows for the collection of several data sets related to the status of LV networks, such as interruptions and variations. The data can be used for several DSO applications, from grid planning to quality of service improvement.

10 - Energy balance

This functionality compares the energy that flows at the output of a MV/LV transformer with the energy measured by all the meters connected to the same LV network. This allows the DSO to evaluate network losses, including frauds and direct connections to the grid.

11 - Peak shaving

This functionality allows the DSO to limit the power being delivered by meters installed in a specific area in order to reduce the overall power distributed from the network when in critical condition.

12 - Multi-service measurement

Allows for the collection of data from several meter types or sensors belonging to other public services, optimizing investments and operations. This also allows the DSO to offer new services to the public within a smart city framework.

13 - PUSH communication

This feature allows for data to be sent from metering devices and IoT sensors as soon as it is available (PUSH approach), and not at the request of the central system (PULL approach). This reduces the time the data will be available to the central system, enabling new applications and benefits for network calculations.

14 - Sustainability

All our products are circular by design. They are manufactured by reusing materials recovered from the disposal of first generation smart meters and other field devices. This guarantees reduced CO2 emissions and significant savings on the purchase of raw materials.

Declaration of Conformity (RED) - GESIS

PDF (0.61MB) Download

Declaration of Conformity (RED) - GEMIS

PDF (0.58MB) Download

Declaration of Conformity (RED) - GETIS

PDF (0.58MB) Download

Italian version

Dichiarazione di conformità (RED) - GESIS

PDF (0.58MB) Download

Dichiarazione di Conformità (RED) - GEMIS

PDF (0.16MB) Download

Dichiarazione di Conformità (RED) - GETIS

PDF (0.16MB) Download

Dichiarazione di Conformità (RED) - GETIS 2

PDF (0.16MB) Download
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