Gridspertise joins the ESMIG association and confirms its European presence

Our company joined the European voice of smart energy solution providers.


The role that smart grids play in the energy transition is undeniable. Their importance has been the subject of numerous studies, research, and analysis. According to IEA, the European Commission expects about 584 billion euro of investments in the European electricity grid by 2030, of which EUR 170 billion would be for digitalization (smart meters, automated grid management, digital technologies for metering and improvement on the field operations). Therefore, modernizing grids, particularly through digitalization, will be an essential part of this transition.

A more flexible, decentralized, and resilient grid is of paramount importance: digitalizing the grid empowers utilities to respond to fluctuating energy demands and ensures a more stable and reliable energy distribution. The latter is one of the main focuses of ESMIG, the European Association of Smart Energy Solution Providers, which Gridspertise recently joined. 

The importance of smart grids in the energy transition

Grids should be ready for the future of energy and to meet the challenges posed by the energy transition. We are still at the beginning of this process, and the modernization of the grid is a process that can bring benefits worldwide.

For this reason, governments need to work together to accelerate this process. The challenges are many and cover different areas of interest: technology, dialogue with counterparts, and investment. The grids of the future are green, sustainable and digital, they support the growth of DER and increase the engagement of customers: they are all essential to move away from fossil fuels and pave the way for a more sustainable energy sector. 

These topics are central in ESMIG which drives the timely introduction of efficient and scalable consumer–friendly products and services that are fundamental to the participation of end-users in the smart energy and water systems of Europe’s future.

Gridspertise joined ESMIG

By joining ESMIG, Gridspertise will leverage on its end-to-end cloud-edge platform solutions and services to enhance the association’s collective effort to accelerate the adoption of smart grid technologies and propel the energy market forward.

As Luiz Gazulha Júnior, Head of Business Strategy and Partnership at Gridspertise, pointed out, this new collaboration will help our company play a more pivotal role in the future of smart grids in Europe: “We are proud to join ESMIG and collaborate to shape the future of the European smart energy industry with some of the most creative and visionary companies in this field. We see the ESMIG membership as a strong opportunity to promote the new and modern paradigm of power grids: a network capable of making end customers active participants and a key enabler of the energy transition. Our mission is fully aligned with ESMIG and other association members, aiming at promoting a more sustainable energy market. Gridspertise is an outspoken advocate of the benefits of end-to-end cloud-edge solutions for power distribution grids around the world and truly believes that membership in ESMIG will echo its voice in this sense.

The benefits for Gridspertise in joining ESMIG

Becoming a member of ESMIG means joining a group of active and dedicated companies covering the entire smart meter value chain: they share a common focus on the development and manufacture of devices, information technologies, services related to multi-commodity metering, energy production, and consumption management.

One of the association’s primary focuses is to establish an effective legal framework and set the right standards to ensure the implementation of smart meters. It also collaborates with a vast network of like-minded coalitions and partners at the European level to analyze and develop policy positions. ESMIG staff support members by engaging directly with EU institutions to maintain relationships with like-minded associations, organize workshops, and conduct research on different topics.

The association helps its members achieve milestones in the smart metering industry. ESMIG, furthermore, has worked on both the Clean Energy Package and with European institutions to provide near real-time data by smart meters. The association's contribution to the EU Electricity Directive has helped the creation of an open market for solutions that work with consumption information and a competitive energy market.

Moreover, privacy and security are crucial to ESMIG, who played a key role in developing the first standardized security certification for smart meters. Rules adoption is pivotal to promoting cutting-edge business models, and helping unleash the full potential of solutions, technologies, and data.

What Gridspertise will do in the ESMIG

Our company will be involved in high-level discussions regarding the smart meter sector and will have the opportunity to share its ideas for accelerating the adoption of new cutting-edge technologies.

More specifically, Gridspertise’s involvement will take place in political discussions, participation in the joint development of responses related to national requirements for smart meters, and in different working groups of interest to the company.

ESMIG has five main working groups, with several connected task forces, focusing on Empowering Prosumers; Data Communication and Protection; Multi Utility Metering; Regulation and Policy and Marketing and Events. Gridspertise will operate in Regulation and Policy, Multi Utility Metering, and in the Data Communication and Protection field

Through collective efforts and dedicated collaborations with other ESMIG members, Gridspertise can accelerate the adoption of smart energy solutions, leading to a greener and more sustainable future.

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