New agreements for the sale of 650,000 smart meters and 150,000 accessories and field operation devices to 12 DSOs


We have closed 12 new agreements for the supply of 650,000 smart meters and 150,000 field devices, accessories and other services related to the digitalization of customers in Italy, Malta and the Republic of San Marino. The DSOs benefiting from these smart grid technologies are thus able to take a decisive step towards accelerating the electric future of their customers. The latter will gradually benefit from a power infrastructure that can accommodate larger numbers of individual prosumers or energy communities. There will also be increased connection capability for rooftop, solar or decentralized renewables, while electric mobility, demand response and other local flexibility solutions will be accelerated.

The 12 European DSOs in question have recognized our experience and know-how in electricity distribution networks, and that is why they have chosen us as their key partner to support their path towards the energy transition. The beneficiaries of Gridspertise's services and tools are: Enemalta plc (the energy service provider in Malta), the HERA Group (one of the largest Italian multiutilities), four utility companies in central Italy serving the municipalities of Terni (TDE), Tolentino (ASSM), S. Severino Marche (A.S.SE.M.), Offida (Energie Offida); five utility companies in northern Italy serving the municipalities of Brunico (Azienda Pubbliservizi Brunico), Paluzza (SECAB), Forni di Sopra (SCI Forni), Chiavenna (SIEC) and Morbegno (SEM); and, last but not least, San Marino (Azienda Autonoma di Stato per i Servizi Pubblici).

In the words of Gridspertise CEO, Robert Denda: “... These customers have trusted us as a strategic partner to accelerate the transformation of their networks with Metering and Grid Edge Digitalization solutions that integrate the most advanced technologies available today and enable the active participation of different stakeholders in the electricity market. We are fully committed to fulfilling their mission, with the first deliveries already slated to start this year. We are grateful to our customers and proud of these early results, kicking off 2022 at full speed!”

Thanks to these agreements, we are able guarantee the supply of more than 650,000 latest generation smart meters until 2029. These devices are not simply designed to “measure” electricity supply and consumption data: they also act as evolved sensors that provide valuable information regarding the operation and status of the network, thereby increasing the quality, reliability and resiliency of the grid. At the same time, they enable innovative services to final customers, regulators and operators in the electricity market. This promotes greater awareness and control of energy consumption, setting the stage for demand response services and the introduction of customized tariffs. Moreover, the agreements provide for 150,000 accessories that include concentrators, field operation devices, antennas and other equipment. This is in addition to integrated software solutions that will support the complete digitalization of the electricity supply and the consumption data received. In this way, our partner companies will benefit from innovative, efficient, sustainable and resilient solutions for the digitalization of their customers, the distribution network and field operations.

As we work to consolidate our presence and reputation in European countries, our vision goes well beyond this continent. We are looking to extend our presence in other markets, starting with North America in Q2 2022. We welcome the opportunity that comes from the increasing need for modernization of infrastructures in the US and we are striving to bring our expertise and dedication to tackle the energy transition with North American DSOs.

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