Enlit Africa 2022

7th -  9th of June, Cape Town (South Africa)



What is Enlit Africa?

Enlit Africa is the continent’s premier event for the entire power, energy, and water value chain. This event is a staple platform leading the conversation on transforming Africa’s energy sector through business-based experiences, expert stakeholders, and industry representatives.

The significant amount of renewable energy resources available in the African continent presents a unique opportunity to provide reliable and affordable access to electricity, while leapfrogging towards sustainable energy systems. However, this requires an integrated electrification strategy, scaling up investments not only to install new renewable capacity but also to adapt and expand grid infrastructures. As part of our mission to be a trusted partner for utilities worldwide, we can support African utilities in accelerating the transformation of their networks into sustainable and reliable smart grid

Our participation

What did we show at our Booth?

We showcased our cutting-edge and flexible solutions to address some of the main challenges for Africa:


Revenue Protection

Our ecosystem of smart metersfield devices, as well as HES and MDM systems, can support utilities in managing electricity demand more effectively, and in reducing technical losses.

Leveraging granular consumption data, these solutions increase grid reliability, allowing for real-time monitoring of electricity use, advanced management of the grid’s technical parameters and immediate detection of faults and outages.

They also improve billing data collection efficiency and enable data-driven inspection through energy balance and big-data analytics, in addition to enabling advanced anti-tampering functionalities and evolved fraud detection. Furthermore, these solutions include tools to remotely carry out work orders, thereby increasing the efficiency of field operations.


Power reliability improvement

Thanks to the Grid Automation Management solution, we can efficiently tackle power interruptions and outages, enabling an advanced fault location to identify power supply interruptions, and improving grid reliability.

Furthermore, through the integration with remotely controlled devices and protections in the field, the system also supports the remote optimized isolation of faults and execution of network reconfiguration and self-healing. This solution is retrofit-compatible with legacy SCADA systems.


Maintenance efficiency

The prompt identification of vegetation and other elements that can interfere with distribution networks is a key driver to guarantee reliable and continuous power and optimize maintenance costs. Our Network Digital Twin® suite creates a virtual replica of the electric grid and components by acquiring and processing datasets of LIDAR, images, and sensors. Through its 3D Viewer and Computer Vision functions, it facilitates vegetation management and predictive maintenance. This tool makes it possible to prevent power outages and streamline maintenance activities through targeted actions.


Fast response and restoration

Our enablers for a prompt and safe intervention in case of outages are the digital Enhanced Workforce applications. The entire network cartography is available through a smartphone app (also in augmented reality) and can be browsed offline in real time, from a national scale to a single user view. Among its features, it can manage LV grid connections directly in the field. The ecosystem of applications allows prompt action in the case of outages, safe training for field workers through virtual and augmented reality and streamlined field operations.

Our devices were shown at Booth B 125.

If you want to know more about our solutions please contact us here.



Wrap up and Insights from Enlit Africa

Enlit Africa provided a perfect platform for leading the conversation on transforming Africa’s energy sector through business-based experiences, expert stakeholders, and industry representatives.

As in the rest of the world, in Africa digitalization is key for the energy industry and the grid, and this is part of the added value offered by Gridspertise. By taking part at Enlit Africa, our goal was to understand the market and the needs of its customers.

We showcased our cutting-edge devices to demonstrate how our flexible solutions can address some of the main challenges facing Africa. In particular, revenue protection and power reliability were the themes of this year’s conference, as well as the main concepts behind our booth. During the summit and hub sessions and other networking activities with energy stakeholders, our team of experts provided insights on how to solve current and future challenges within the industry.


Our VP of Business Development and Sales APAC & Africa, Narcis Vidal, presented at Hub 3 Generation, transmission, and distribution a focus on “Revenue protection solutions”. He showed how our ecosystem of smart meters, field devices as well as HES and MDM systems, not only can increase grid reliability but also improves billing and revenue collection leveraging on data-driven inspection and fraud detection functions as well as prevent meter tampering through analytics.


Day 2

Our CCO Santiago Cascante Nogales held a keynote on “Grid reliability and planning optimization” at the Summit Strategic Session.

He presented Gridspertise’s innovative solutions with a special focus on power reliability improvement through grid automation management. Supported by our Grid automation engineer, Eli Manstretta, he explained how our solutions are designed to meet the challenges of supply reliability and tackle effectively power interruptions and outages.

Watch also his interview with ESI Africa to learn what we can do to support Africa’s energy transition.

Day 3

On the third and final day, we focused on deepening our knowledge of the African energy market, experiencing the exhibit hall, and trying to understand how best to support the country’s utilities in transforming their networks into sustainable and intelligent grids. Our aim was to engage with the local reality to properly present our portfolio of solutions to tackle key African challenges, such as revenue protection and reliability improvement.

Thanks to our collaboration with Clarion Events, Enlit Africa and Distributech are just the beginning of our presence worldwide. We are looking forward to participating at other similar events sharing our knowhow and expertise all around the world.

See you next year in Cape Town from May 16-18, 2023!

Press coverage

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ESI Africa Studio

Creating an electricity market in South Africa

ESI Africa - Issue 1 2022 (p. 74)

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Esi Africa, May 31, 2022

Managing grids for integrated electrification

Crown Publications, June 2, 2022
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