DistribuTECH International

7th – 9th February 2023, San Diego - California (USA)

The Event

DistribuTECH is the leading annual transmission and distribution event for utilities, technology providers and industry leaders. The event addressed technologies used to move electricity from the power plant through the transmission and distribution systems to the meter and inside the home or business. The conference and exhibition offered education, information, products and services related to electricity delivery automation and control systems, energy efficiency, demand response, distributed energy resource management systems, renewable energy and Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment interconnection, advanced metering, T&D system operation, resiliency and reliability, communications technologies, cybersecurity, sustainability, and more.

It included high level speakers, presentations, debates, face-to-face meetings, and hub sessions highlighting the latest technology and solutions for grid management and resiliency.

The event was held in San Diego - California (USA) from February 7th – 9th, at the San Diego Convention Center. 

The Booth


Gridspertise was at Booth 729 to showcase our ecosystem of smart devices and edge technologies designed to tackle the current challenges posed by extreme weather events and the energy transition through grid resilience, DER integration, end to end metering solutions and digital asset intelligence. 

End-to-End Metering Solutions
At Gridspertise we went beyond the mere supply of technology. We offered end-to-end interoperable smart meters developed by Gridspertise and selected partners, HES & MDMS, operated under different delivery models, including SaaS and MaaS. Our smart meter families include single phase, polyphase and CT polyphase devices as well as RF Gateway and troubleshooting devices. Our portfolio has been extended to also include hybrid PLC + RF solutions that enhance communication performance, overcoming physical barriers or radio frequency interference.

Grid Resilience and DER Integration Platform
In order to support improvements in power reliability, we presented the Quantum Edge® device (QEd), our edge platform for substation virtualization. Thanks to its decentralized computational capability, this all-in-one solution performs all the main functionalities of electrical substations by virtualizing their components into edge applications, addressing the main challenges of the grid, such as automation, outages prevention and reduction, and remote monitoring and control.

Maintenance Efficiency
Our Digital Asset and Vegetation Intelligence is based on a Network Digital Twin® which replicates the electricity grid and the surrounding environment through a 3D virtual model. Automatic detection of anomalies and asset identification enable fault prediction and interventions of predictive maintenance.

Enhanced Workforce Management
Our Digital Workforce Management is a set of tools capable of speeding up field operations and making them safer. It is composed of a series of applications to consult and navigate the electrical network even in the most adverse conditions and support prompt and secure interventions in case of outages.

The Conferences

We were a Premier Sponsor - Innovator Partner at the event. Other than showcasing our cutting-edge solutions and devices in our 54-square-meter booth, we contributed to the event’s knowledge hub sessions sponsoring 2 panels: We were a Premier Sponsor – Innovators partner at the event. Other than showcasing our cutting-edge solutions and devices in our 54-square-meter booth, we contributed to the event’s knowledge hub sessions sponsoring 2 panels:

Tuesday February 7th from 3:50 to 4:20PM, our Product Owner, Damiano Bracci, led the discussion regarding @ the Grid-edge Technologies Knowledge Hub speaking about “Edge Computing Platforms for the Distribution Grid” and sector specialists will cover the following topics:

    - QEd and High-end meter are flexible platforms for edge applications
    - Habilitation of use-cases by smart MV sensors and recloser controller
    - Importance of processing power and real-time observation and control

Wednesday February 8th from 3:15 to 3:45PM Francesco Marini, our VP of Technical Sales, presented two of our solutions, the Digital Twin and the GIS Mobile, within “Digitalizing the Grid Knowledge Hub”, talking about the following themes: 
- Information on grid assets
- the GIS Mobile tool; 
- the Digital Twin

Thursday February 9th, our Chief Technology Officer, Gianni Ceneri, from 10:40 to 11:10 AM, hosted a panel @ the Digitalizing the Grid Knowledge Hub regarding “Active Customer Empowerment with edge enabled smart metering solutions”. The speakers will talk about:
- Edge computing on smart meters;  
- Technologies that enable smart meters to become grid sensors;  
- Chain 2 towards the customer house with PLC link to increase the active role of customers

If you attended DistribuTECH and would like to know more about us and how our solutions can contribute to solving your challenges, click here.




See you at DistribuTECH 2024!

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