DistribuTECH International 2022

23rd – 25th of May, Dallas – Texas (US)


What is DistribuTECH International?

DistribuTECH International is the leading annual event addressing innovative technologies that deliver electricity from the power plant via transmission and distribution systems to the meter, inside a home or business. The event is designed to find solutions to issues that are faced by electric distribution utilities and their partners on a daily basis.

The conference and exhibition offer information, products and services related to electricity delivery automation and control systems, energy efficiency, demand response, renewable energy integration, advanced metering, T&D system operation and reliability, communications technologies, cyber security, water utility technology, and more.

Our Participation

What did we show at our Booth?

We presented our innovative solutions for the new smart and resilient grid era, showcasing our ecosystem of solutions that focus on three areas of applicability:

Prediction & Prevention

Forecasting potential power outages is the new frontier in data-driven operation and maintenance.

The Network Digital Twin® creates a virtual replica of the electric grid and components by acquiring and processing datasets provided by LIDAR, images and sensors. Through its 3D Viewer and Computer Vision functions, it facilitates vegetation management and smart predictive maintenance. It also reduces inspections in confined or dangerous places, thereby enhancing the safety and efficiency of field operations.

Grid Automation & Resilience  

The increasing complexity of power flows associated with distributed generation and electrification requires more grid flexibility and information at the edge. 

The QEd - Quantum Edge® device is a revolutionary all-in-one solution that virtualizes network functionalities through customizable and scalable applications. Thanks to its decentralized computing capability and edge multi-purpose platform, QEd allows business services to run directly on the edge and progressively enables new applications to tackle future emerging challenges. QEd helps reduce physical components in secondary substations, cutting down on field interventions for installation, as well as maintenance and logistics costs, making networks more efficient and sustainable. This is the future-proof solution for utilities!

Fast Response & Restoration

There is an increasing need for solutions that enable field workers to provide more professional and accurate service.

The Enhanced Workforce is a real digital toolbox that’s capable of speeding up field operations and making them safer. It consists of a set of applications for the electric network. NetNav offers a 2D cartography of the grid that enables fast and complete offline network data retrieval and real-time update of network topology by field workers. ARNet projects in Augmented Reality the electrical network, allowing field staff to quickly identify in a reliable and precise way the elements on which to intervene in all weather conditions. Gridspertise offers a unique solution for the market that enables offline and zero-lag data retrieval and visualization.

Our devices were shown at Hall B | Booth: 123.

If you want to know more about our solutions please contact us here.



Wrap up and Insights from DistribuTECH

DistribuTECH International was the perfect occasion to introduce Gridspertise to the North American market a few days after the launch of our US branch, giving us the opportunity to:

- connect with local and foreign utilities,
- gain insights regarding the market,
- evaluate opportunities for collaboration,
- meet potential clients.

Resilience was the theme of this year’s conference, as well as the main concept behind our booth, where we showcased some of the solutions from our integrated portfolio.

Thanks to the leadership summit and other networking activities with energy stakeholders, our team of experts provided insights on how to solve current and future challenges within the industry.


Our CEO, Robert Denda, was among the speakers at Powergen’s Leadership Summit in a panel discussion on “Meeting the Infrastructure Needs of the Net-Zero Future” and explained how Gridspertise can address the needs of the US market for:

- intelligent equipment to address the transformation we are living and the needs of the future energy system,
- resilient infrastructure able to deal with severe weather-related challenges such as hurricanes and wildfires in order to have reliable power during natural disasters,
- developing infrastructures through an integrated strategy of investments, innovation, and new technology deployment not just for transmission but also for distribution networks.

Find out more: watch the video

Day 2

We were the main sponsor of the breakfast roundtable, during which our CEO gave an opening speech and our experts took part in numerous roundtables focused on:

- Asset Management Innovation,
- Machine Learning / AI Applications,
- Utility of the Future,
- Data-Driven Grid Automation,
- AMI – 3.0/Next Gen.

Find our more: watch the video

Day 3

On the third and final day we focused mainly on experiencing the exhibit hall since all companies were focused on electrification, planning, strategising and trying to understand how distribution grids can enhance resilience, improve reliability, better integrate renewable generation sources, lower electricity costs and unlock the best clean energy resources by connecting them to demand centers.

Find our more: watch the video!

Thanks to our collaboration with Clarion Events, DistribuTECH International is just the beginning of our networking activities for 2022. We are looking forward to participating at other similar events sharing our knowhow and expertise all around the world.

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See you next year in San Diego!

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