GIS Mobile


Ensure maximum productivity to your workforce

GIS Mobile is a mobile application specifically designed to support field technicians of Utilities and DSOs in network maintenance and prompt intervention processes.


Faster, safer and more accurate operations

GIS Mobile makes the operations of field technicians more efficient, making grid and asset data available directly on their work smartphone, in a simple and intuitive way.

  • Reduced intervention times and errors;
  • Increased operational safety and efficiency;
  • Cost cutting thanks to digitalization and optimization of time, resources and logistics;
  • Improved network data accuracy and instant feedback from the field;
  • Increased ability to intervene in extreme conditions.

Unique Capabilities

Designed for DSOs

Unlike general-purpose GIS applications, GIS Mobile is specifically designed on the needs of the DSOs workforce, which capitalizes on our decennial experience gained in the industry.

Interoperability with any SCADA

GIS Mobile can integrate with any SCADA and Fault Management system, like ERP, Document Management System, Authentication System, allowing field operators to view and act on the current state of the network in real time.

Immersive exploration with AR

To intervene promptly on the network in the event of underground lines or adverse climatic events (ground covered by mud, water or snow). 

All AR functions can also be used in offline mode, therefore also in environments or situations where the internet connection is precarious, or missing.

Full online operation

GIS Mobile is designed to access data and perform processing completely locally on the smartphone. 

All the functions of the application are fully usable even offline and , without any functional limitation.


  • Integration with any GIS system
  • Instant browsing of the network with 2D and 3D maps
  • Advanced searches and filters
  • Access asset information and documentation directly from the map even offline
  • Street navigation to the selected item
  • Street view from the selected item
  • Real time update of reports and surveys on field
  • Network editing directly on field
  • Workflow management
  • Monitoring of power meters
  • Direct control of vehicles and assets on the map
  • Fiber Optic Walkout Management
  • Interoperability with precision devices
  • Customizable cartographic backgrounds
  • User profiling and authorization
  • Data protection
  • Optimized data update strategies

Commercial Material

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